Protection For Physical Assets
Conspicuously posted video surveillance cameras are a great way to deter thieves, criminals and vandals from robbing or destroying your assets.
Protection For Employees
Video surveillance cameras can help keep your employees safe too. Install them throughout your building in case someone breaks in. Your employees will appreciate the increased security.
Increased Employee Accountability
While you don’t want to excessively monitor your employees, installing a few security cameras around the office is a great way to increase office productivity. Employees who know they are on camera are much more likely to work efficiently.
Remote Monitoring
For business owners who travel frequently, video surveillance with a remote feed allow them to keep a watchful eye over their business even while they are traveling. This helps the office to continue to run smoothly, and it offers business owners a greater peace of mind.
Prevent Unauthorized Access
Access control systems allows you to control who is entering the premises. This means that you entirely eliminate the chance of unauthorized and potentially dangerous people from being able to gain access to your office.
Increased Control
Grant selected employees access to restrictive areas such as the server room and restrict all others. Time-frame based access can also be configured, whereby employees can access into the office or move within the office areas in selected time.
Increased Security
Besides card based access, fingerprint based access can be configured with the right devices, providing tougher security.
Employee Management
Additional solutions such as Attendance Systems can be integrated with your access control readers which records logs of all your employees movement to and from the office premises.


Requirement Gathering

Solutions are tailored after learning the requirement and existing infra of every customer.We never advocate in a ``One size fits all`` solution.


All solutions are deployed and commissioned within customers timeline with little to no downtimes at all.

Technical Support

Our forte has always been technical support. Benefit from our excellent onsite & remote support services.


Analogue / HD / ULTRA HD Surveillance Cameras (Outdoor / Indoor cameras)

Depending on customers budget and requirements, they can select between Analogue,HD AND cameras solutions. HD cameras has the edge over traditional Analogue cameras and both technologies require Coaxial cable connectivity. The coaxial cables are then terminated into Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Surveillance feeds are then saved into the Hard Drive in the DVR.

IP cameras

Compared to analogue cameras, IP camera’s provide higher image quality and is easier to install. Coaxial cables in Analogue and HD cameras require the cameras to be terminated to the Digital Video Recorders (DVR) recorders. This makes the installation tedious and does not allow for scalability (e.g. if the ports in the DVR is used up, additional cameras cannot be installed). IP cameras however utilize Ethernet networking  (CAT6, CAT6a) and does not require the cables to be connected to the DVR. The cables can be connected to the nearest switch and  the Network Video Recorder (NVR) communicates with the camera via the IP Protocol.

WIFI Cameras

WIFI cameras are similar to IP cameras however they do not require any network cabling nor any video recorders. WIFI cameras utilizes the WIFI network and IP Protocol for communication. Surveillance feeds are saved into memory cards installed into the cameras. WIFI cameras also provide additional Cloud features.

Access Control Systems

From traditional card access to face recognition and  biometric access control systems, select from a wide variant of access control systems for your business environment.